Readymade Curtains - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :


Curtains are the best home décor choice to complete a plain looking room with brightness and cheer. Make a wise choice among solid color, floral prints, geometrical prints and modern designs as per theme of your room. We offer readymade Eyelet styled curtains


What are the Sizes available?


Curtains usually come in standard sizes such as

Window Curtains – 48” width x 60” length

Door Curtains – 48” width  x 84” length

Long Door Curtains – 48” width x 108” length

Please be generous with the number of curtains you choose for your home. All the above curtains (48” width) are apt for 24” width (2 feet of width) and so on


Should we use Lining?


For improved drape, We suggest that curtain be lined.

Lining is available in a choice of colours. If you are not sure which colour to choose, a colour will be recommended for the fabric you have chosen.

We carry two types of lining –

Standard Lining – Provides goods drape

Blackout Lining – Prevents sunlight from passing through


New Curtains may show creases. These will disappear on use.  Our products are guaranteed against fading. Its tested for color fastness

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