Wall Decor - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :


What are Decals & Stickers ?


Decal &  Stickers are very thin sheets of vinyl with one printed side and one adhesive side. They stick flat to walls, glass surfaces, doors , cabinets or any Smooth and clean surfacewithout the use of nails or glue. Decals & Stickers are an inexpensive and innovative way to transform any room


What is the difference Between Decals & Stickers ?


Decals are removable, not reusable. The application is based on Transfer System Technology

Stickers are removable, reusable & repositionable  unless otherwise explicitly specified. It is a peel & stick concept.


Are they safe ?


The material we use is guaranteed non-toxic and is in compliance with the European Requirements for toys production (EN72). It is phthalates free and biodegradable. The packaging can be recycled separately. Our products do not spoil walls


How to install Decal & Stickers ?


Decals & Stickers are very easy to install. Decals that are larger in size are easier to install with the help of a friend. Please see video below on installing stickers and Decals


How to apply stickers on glass ?


Our window stickers are made of electrostatic PVC and have no glue. Before applying, carefully clean the surface and place the sticker on glass


Where can I apply these products ?


Decals & Stickers works on any flat surface.  Certain types of textured paint, such as paint with a sandy or gritty component will prevent Decals & Stickers from sticking.


What is their life ?


The life is minimum 5 years


Can they be cleaned ?


Decals & Stickers are water proof. You can clean them with a wet cloth.


Will Decals & Stickers work on my car?


Decals & Stickers are meant for indoor use. If it is stuck outdoor and exposed to sunlight, the design may fade and also its adhesive strength will reduce


Comparison between Wall stickers & Decals



Wall stickers

Wall Decals


Comparatively easier, Peel & Stick Concept

Transfer System having a different application method

Reusable & Repositionable






Customizable – size and colour



Safe for walls



Product Specs

Two Layered Sheet (one disposed off after installing)

Three Layered Sheet (two disposed off after installing)


Video for applications :


For Decals :

For Wall Stickers :

For Large size Decals :

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