Wall Coverings - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :


What is the life a Wall Coverings?


It lasts for 10-15 years depending on your maintenance


Are Wall Coverings maintenance easy?


There is hardly any maintenance required for Wall Coverings. They are 100% washable (not water-proof). Most of them are even scratch resistant and fire retardant.


What are advantages of Wall Coverings over paint/distemper?


Wall Covering is a very easy and a pain free job. Applying paint is a very time consuming process where as applying Wall Coverings is a few hour process. Paint requires 2-3 coats before you get your finished wall, where as Wall Coverings is just one single coat. Paint absorbs the cooling created by the air conditioner whereas, the room with Wall Coverings will have controlled temperature since Wall Coverings absorbs less temperature compared to paint.


How to calculate how much Wall Coverings do you need?


This depends on the wall and roll size. You can contact us and we will let you know about it.


We have seen at many places, wallcovering "peeling-off" and "joints" opening out. Why should this happen?


Wallcovering installation services are a "Serious-Professional-Business". The Karigars, (trained wallcovering hangers) ought to have full technical knowledge of wallcovering.  Wallcoverings peeling off is not a fault of the wallcovering.


Does the embossed texture of wallcovering collects dust quickly?


Our products are resistant to dust, since anti-dirt agents are added in the PVC-Vinyl formulation. They look stunningly fresh for years. 


Does Wallcovering attract white-ants, insects and other pests?


It is commonly misunderstood that wallcovering are made of "Paper". The paper is the base which gets firmly pasted on the wall, The front decorative-surface is made of Vinyls. There are plenty of PVC products in any house like buckets, mugs, containers, trays etc and everyone knows that white ants, insects or pests are neither attracted by it nor affected by it.


Do Wallcoverings fade out after sometime?


Our products are fully guaranteed against fading. It's technically tested & certified for colour fastness.


What is the process of ordering wallcoverings from furnishturf.com ?                                                          


·  You can buy online thru various payment options  

·  For Mumbai and Delhi Customers, We have a SEE & BUY Option

·  Select Designs and at checkout page under coupon code Type SAMPLE  

·  You will receive an email invite within one working day to see selected samples at showroom  

·  On final selection, You can place the order at store or online  

·  Upon payment, the products will be despatched to you

·  Upon requirement, we can also connect you with a professional wall hanger in your area.






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