Wall Decals:

What are decals?

Decals are adhesive vinyl stickers that can be applied to walls or other surfaces. They are simple to install; just peel and stick! Decals are not permanent and are easily removed. Decals are an innovative and affordable way to express your creativity and personalize your space with our collection of unique designs.

What are Decals made of?

Decals are made from an ultra-thin, self-adhesive matte vinyl film.

Are Decals easy to apply?

Yes, Decals are quick and easy to apply. No technical skill required! 

How long will the Decals stay up?

Decals are perfect for temporary applications but will last for years with proper care. Indoors, Decals will easily last for up to 5 years. They should be applied away from direct heat and sunlight as heat can release the adhesive and cause the decals to peel. To clean, just gently wipe with a damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Outdoors, Decals will last 2 to 3 years.

Can I apply my Decals to textured walls?

Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces such as dry wall. Decals will not adhere to rough, textured or very porous surfaces.

What other surfaces can Decals be applied to?

Decals are great on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as ceilings, glass, mirrors, finished wood furniture etc. Surfaces must be smooth and clean. Walls must be dust and residue free.

Will Decals leave a residue or peel the paint when removed?

No! Decals do not leave a sticky residue. Depending on the condition of your painted surfaces when the Decals were initially applied, there may be some paint flecking that will require minor paint touch ups after removal of the Decals.

Are Decals easy to remove?

Decals are very easy to remove! Simply lift a corner or an edge with your fingernail and gently peel off the wall.  For removal of Decals from less porous surfaces such as glass, use a hairdryer (set on low heat) to warm the decal.

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