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Bed sheets have come off age and today, became ‘must’ as far as styling of home goes. A bed, covering a significant area of any room always assists in beautifying a room. Bed Sheets are primarily made of Cotton fabric. However, in Western Countries, owing to cold climates, bed sheets made of Cotton Polyester and 100% Polyester (also called micro) are sold widely.


Quality of the bed sheets is measured on following key parameters:-


Material – Bed Sheets are predominantly made in 100% Cotton, Polyester Cotton (Polyester content major), CVC (Chief Value Cotton, Rest material Polyester or some other fibre) or 100% Polyester fabric.

Cotton being a natural fiber is the best material for bed sheets. Generally, 100% cotton bed sheets are used. However, in economy segment, 100% Polyester bed sheets or Polyester cotton bed sheets are used. Cotton bed sheets are most comfortable and apt for Indian or tropical climates.


Thread Count (TC) – Thread count implies number of threads per square inch. Higher the thread count stronger and better feel of the fabric will be. In bed sheets, in India, common Thread Counts used are  104 TC, 140 TC, 180 TC, 200 TC, 300 TC, 400 TC, 500 TC, 600 TC, 800 TC and 1000 TC.

For homes, bed sheet with minimum thread count of 140 is recommended.  Bed sheets with thread count between 200 and 300 falls in premium bed sheet category. Bed sheets with thread count of more than 300 falls in luxurious category.


Color Fastness – This is an important factor in knowing quality of the bed sheet. A good bed sheet must have good color fastness. Color fastness is an indicator of bleeding or fading of the color  after the wash. At, we ensure that the color fastness is good which means color change will be slight.  However, in most cotton bed sheets, where thread count is below 200, slight color change is normal. It is natural for a cotton bed sheet to fade over a period. In premium bed sheets, premium dyes are used and hence color change is less visible.


Shrinkage – This is the final yardstick to measure quality of bed sheet. The bed sheet should not shrink more than 5% after first wash. After the first wash, shrinkage stabilizes and after 4 to 5 washes shrinkage stops.


Snuggles Bed Sheets – Snuggles is a ‘value for money’ / economical brand of Furnishturf. Snuggles comprises of bed sheets made of 100% cotton. Snuggle bed sheets are available from INR 599/-. Furnishturf uses popular motifs to design the Snuggle bed sheets collection. It provides good comfort as we emphasize on Good Quality Low price and not Poor Quality Low Price. Snuggles bed sheets has a thread count of 140 & above.


Home Ecstasy Bed Sheets – ‘Home Ecstasy’ is a midway brand of Furnishturf. These bed sheets are vibrant and bold in design. ‘Home Ecstasy’ puts extra emphasis on tracking customer preferences and continuously strives to deliver what the customer is seeking. These Bedsheets are sure to add good color to your room[V2] . Price range starts from Rs 749 onwards


Dreamscape Bed Sheets – ‘Dreamscape’ is a premium brand of Furnishturf. Dreamscape bedsheets are available at a discount to luxury prices. You can buy luxurious products at discounted prices. Dreamscape bed sheets are well packaged and a good choice for gifting too. It is a classic range and definitely makes your room unique. Dreamscape bed sheets range from 140 Thread count to 1000 Thread Count. They start from Rs 849 onwards.

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